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Gibsons Chiropractor Reviews


“My body was sore after I turned 40: I work hard and play hard; and I missed work, missed fitness, and was grumpy. Now I work longer, play harder, am happier, feel less stiff, and am educated. Dr. Rosenberg is cool and her staff is AMAZING. I rate them a 12 out of 10 and recommend them to everyone!”

- GW

Calm, Peaceful Experience

Excellent staff and left feeling a whole lot better. Stacey is friendly and funny. The whole experience is calm and peaceful. I would definitely recommend her.

- Carol

I Now Believe Healing is Possible

Thank you so much, I now believe that I have a chance to heal and get to know my body in a healthier way!!!!!! Knowing that I have a whole Team available to me with so much knowledge in so many different areas is very exciting!!!!! I can’t wait to learn more and get healthier and mobile.

- AA

Restored Confidence

You were wonderful and have given me huge confidence for healing. Thank you for listening and for your professionalism and sense of humour. Thank you Stacey!

- JH

Pain Is Improving In Spine Area

“With all the somewhat chronic pain I’ve been having, one main aspect that hindered my quality of life was pain directly on my mid-spine and my shoulder blades. After approx. 6-8 visits with the Doc, I can actually touch my spine without pain in that one area. Plenty of other areas are still uncomfortable, but my faith is slowly being restored and my hope building. I can shift into 5th gear without pain!”

- RL

The Extra Mile

“The extra mile. That’s what the staff and team of practitioners do every day at the Gibsons Health and Wellness Centre and Gibsons Chiropractic. The highest level of care for your well-being is all there, the practitioners all share in your progress and team up to get you back to your healthiest. I have never had such a great experience when I wasn’t feel well and knowing that I was in such good hands helped a quick recovery from very bad fall. Thank you to Donna, Edda, Stacey and Julie.”

- LU


Please note: Results will vary from patient to patient.

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