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Natural Pregnancy, Natural Baby

Second Edition: Natural Remedies from Preconception to Postpartum

Natural Pregnancy, Natural BabyIf you are looking for a comprehensive guide to support you through your pregnancy journey, Natural Pregnancy, Natural Baby is an excellent resource. Dr. Stacey Rosenberg has put together a wealth of information that covers everything from preconception to postpartum care

The book offers advice on fertility and nutrition to help you prepare your body for pregnancy. It also provides guidance on prenatal bonding, comfort measures, massage, herbs, homeopathy, and more to help you have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.

In addition, the book includes information on chiropractic care, exercises, acupressure, and yoga to help you prepare for childbirth. It also offers breastfeeding advice and birth stories to give you a better understanding of what to expect during and after delivery.

With over 320 pages of information, Natural Pregnancy, Natural Baby is an excellent resource for any expectant mother who wants to have a healthy pregnancy and a positive birth experience.

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“Natural Pregnancy, Natural Baby” is a well thought out compendium for the expectant mother, put together by an author who has firsthand knowledge of the process & can back it up with the right dose of research & scientific background. Dr Rosenberg’s book shines a light on the myriad of alternatives & empowers the reader to not only enjoy the fruits of one’s ‘labour’ but to savour the ride as well. The pleasant bonus of this book is that its audience, expands to all those involved in welcoming a baby as well as to individuals who merely wish to use complementary methods to enhance their own health & well-being. – Ingrid Ferrer, BSc. BSc. (clinical), DC


Thank you so much for your book. It really puts a lot of amazing tips and relevant information at one’s fingers. I read it in a night – easy, accessible & understandable – what health should be. – Keira Collins, BSc. DC


“Natural Pregnancy, Natural Baby” is an excellent reference book that enriches the positive experience of natural pregnancy & childbirth. This is an engaging read with valuable & practical information. I highly recommend this book.- Penelope Seuren, BAppSc. (H Biol), BAppSc. (Clinical)/BChiroSc