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Meet Our Gibsons Wellness Centre Practitioners

A Wellness Centre in Gibsons That You Can Trust

At Gibsons Chiropractic Health Centre, we are proud to offer the following services to accelerate your healing (as an adjunct or stand-alone) to your chiropractic care. Our total body wellness services include:

Read on to meet our Wellness Centre practitioners and learn more about the services they provide. And for more information or to schedule an appointment, contact your selected practitioner below.

Dr. Scott Russell DPM | Podiatrist

Dr. Scott Russell, Podiatrist

Dr. Scott Russell, Podiatrist

Dr. Russell will be offering his services to patients with podiatric complaints and conditions requiring both conservative and interventional treatment. He will soon be available for patient consultation a couple of days a month at Gibsons Chiropractic Health Centre. He has been in practice for 38 years. Dr. Russell is a graduate of the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine (now incorporated into Chicago Medical School). He completed his residency in both General and Surgical Podiatry at Vancouver General Hospital in conjunction with UBC Medical School. After his residency, he spent six years on the orthopedic surgical staff at St. Francis Hospital of New Jersey Medical Centre and on staff at Princeton University Medical Centre. Dr. Russell has practiced with the Seymour Health Centre in Vancouver for the past 28 years and as a Podiatry consultant for Medicentres of Canada in Alberta for the past 19 years. He is licensed to perform foot surgery by both the British Columbia and the Alberta Podiatric Medical Associations. He has passed the medical boards in the states of Vermont, Washington, and New Jersey as well as British Columbia and Alberta. He routinely performs surgery for certain bunion deformities (medial eminence resection and hallux limitus repair), hammer toes, neuromas, subluxed metatarsals, fibromas and other benign lesions, ingrown toenails, fasciotomies, and heel spur resections. A big part of his practice involves treating orthopedic deformities and acute complaints of both children and adults with functional root method orthotics. He also administers cortisone injections and neurolysis injections for recalcitrant neuromas, fasciitis, capsulitis, and tendonitis.

Availability: Wednesdays (generally once a month)

Patients can call for an appointment at (604) 886-7080.

Michelle Gatrill, RMT | Registered Massage Therapist

Michelle Gatrill, RMT

Michelle Gatrill, RMT

Michelle Gatrill has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 15 years. Michelle graduated in 2005 from West Coast College of Massage Therapy. During her first year of practice, Michelle worked in a general practice setting and in 2006 she joined a clinic in Vancouver that had a very strong Prenatal and Postnatal focus. In December 2015, Michelle and her family relocated to the Sunshine Coast. Michelle is extremely excited to be part of the Gibsons Chiropractic, Health and Wellness Centre team! Michelle’s areas of interest are: prenatal and postnatal, headaches (migraines and tension), TMJD, anxiety, fibromyalgia, stress, overuse syndromes and chronic pain. Michelle is passionate about the benefits of Massage Therapy and her goal is to provide comfort and support in a professional environment.

Availability: Monday – Thursday

Fee Schedule

For more information, visit, or to book an appointment, please call our office at (604) 886-7080, book online, or send Michelle an email.

Rebecca Gorgitza RMT | Registered Massage Therapist

Rebecca Gorgitz RMT

Rebecca Gorgitza RMT

Since graduating from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT) in 2015, Rebecca Gorgitza has worked in both therapeutic and relaxation settings.

Rebecca has experience treating a wide variety of injuries, aches, and pains including headaches, whiplash and car accident related injuries, tendonitis and overuse syndromes, sport injuries, and chronic conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, and frozen shoulder. She has completed courses furthering her knowledge of lower back and hip pain, and has a special interest in addressing headaches and neck injuries.

She is a strong believer that the perfect treatment should address your therapeutic needs while still being enjoyable and relaxing. Using a variety of massage and mobilization techniques Rebecca will work with you to create a unique treatment plan to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Availability: Tuesday – Thursdays

For more information or to book an appointment with Rebecca, please call our office at (604) 886-7080, or book online or send Rebecca an email.

Chris Hogan R. Ac. | Registered Acupuncturist

Chris Hogan R. Ac.

Chris Hogan R. Ac.

Chris Hogan, founded and trained at Grant MacEwan University; moreover, Chris comes with over twenty years of clinical experience.

His areas of focus are:

  • Orthopedic Acupuncture
  • Chronic Pain
  • Sports and Work Injuries
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Fertility
  • Chronic Illness
  • Stress Disorders

Availability: Tuesdays

For more information or to book an appointment with Chris, please call our office at (604) 886-7080, or book online.

Louise Chivers RCC | Registered Clinical Counsellor

Louise ChiversLouise moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2021, leaving Vancouver and her busy private practice.
Now semi-retired, she is using her skills garnered after nearly 40 years in the field to support folks here on the coast with their anxiety related issues.

Louise has worked in addictions, mental health and group therapy for anxiety disorders. For this phase of her practice she is focusing on helping those with anxiety issues. People with post-traumatic disorder, panic attacks, excessive worrying, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, even specific phobias, will benefit from Louise’s approach.

Louise uses the evidence-based psychological treatments of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and eye movement, desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), as well as attachment and development theory in her approach.

Check out her website:, for more information and contact her for a free, 15 minute telephone consultation.

Lynn Mackay, RCSHom, BSc, SCCD, DCH | Classical Homeopathy

Lynn Mackay at Gibsons Chiropractic Health Centre in Gibsons

Lynn Mackay, RCSHom, BSc, SCCD, DCH

25 years experience supporting health with children, families and individuals.

Classical Homeopath

Your health history and current health symptoms on physical, mental and emotional levels lead me to a Homeopathic constitutional remedy that will assist your holistic body to regain it’s natural healthy state. This opens up new growth on all levels as your body, mind and spirit can now flourish. Chronic problems such as arthritis, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, digestion problems, migraines, menopause, PMS, allergies, UTI’s, skin rashes, to name a few, can improve and disappear in many cases never to return. Flus, colds, coughs, fevers, infections, surgeries and dental work can all be assisted and supported by acute homeopathic remedies.

PresentChild® Translator

Experience for yourself what children tell us about our lives. This method provides a core solution for parents and their children. The child is a powerful healing force in a family.Children are the perfect remedy for their parents and the cured parent is the perfect remedy for the child. The story a parent tells about the child’s problems when ‘translated’ strikes a chord for the parent that enables healing to take place within the parent and the child. The process is simple and remarkably precise.The PresentChild® Method was developed by Janita Venema. For more information, please visit the website at

Availability: Fridays

Fee Schedule

Book an appointment online. For more information, please visit or contact Lynn directly: call or text (604) 741-7691, or send an email.

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